ZOLL AED Plus® defibrillator – First Responder with professional interface

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This really is the most comprehensive defibrillator available today. Featuring both professional standard front-panel graphics and the helpful audio and text prompts, this is the first fully automated AED to guide users through the complete lifesaving process.

  • If you re suddenly in charge of a collapsed casualty, it is not always easy to tell whether CPR or defibrillation is needed. That is where the ZOLL AED Plus comes in. This little piece of kit automatically analyses the patient to determine the best course of action. It is then able to guide the user through the process quickly and safely.
  • The AED Plus also features the brilliant ‘Real CPR Help’ system, which helps rescuers perform the most effective CPR, automatically informing in real time how well they are performing their compressions, both depth and rate. It also comes with all the kit needed to use straight away, including user manual, accessories and step-by-step demo.

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The AED Plus© is also available with a professional interface that includes minimal front-panel graphics, yet still provides the necessary voice and text prompts for a full rescue. It is the first and only automated external defibrillator (AED) that guides resucers through the complete Chain of Survival.

When a victim collapses from sudden cardiac arrest, rescuers do not know whether defibrillation or CPR is the appropriate therapy until an AED is attached and the victim’s heart rhythm is analyzed. About half of all cardiac arrest victims that suddenly collapse initally require defibrillation. For other victims, however, who may have non-shockable heart rhythms, the critical action for survival is effective CPR.

The AED Plus is the only AED with Real CPR Help®. It helps rescuers perform effective CPR because it allows them to see and hear how well they are performing the rate and depth of chest compressions during CPR. This real-time feedback mechanism makes the AED Plus the only AED that can help assess and treat nearly every sudden cardiac arrest victim, making it the only Full-Rescue AED available today.

Supplied with minimal front panel graphics, a clear LCD screen with optional ECG, voice and text prompts, elapsed time, shock count and chest compression graph display.

Supplied with a passive airway support lid, a soft case, batteries, CPR-D electrode, operator’s guide and a 7 year warranty.


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