iPAD SP1 Fully Automatic

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The iPAD SP1 is a really easy to use, fully automated AED designed to be lightweight, ergonomic and highly portable. Ideal for inexperienced users, it analyses the patient’s heart rhythm and determines if a shock is necessary. It even delivers the shock without intervention from the user.

  • Suitable for use on both adults and children, with separate running modes to enable use without the need to change pads. A safety cover prevents accidentally switching modes – a great safety feature of this unit.
  • Supplied with pads, a starter kit, 4-year battery and carry case – everything required to get up and running with the unit as quickly as possible.
  • Other neat features include pre connected ‘smart’ electrodes, CPR detection, built in SD card and the memory to record up to 5 events.
  • This is a brilliant little unit, ideal for users with little to no formal training in resuscitation. So simple and quick to use, it is highly recommended to have available for all life-saving situations.

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Designed for defibrillator novices, the iPAD SP1 Fully Automatic is suitable for use in all conditions and is small and compact enough for easy transportation.

Plus, it gives clear verbal instructions at a sound level adjusted to the surrounding environment. So you can always hear everything you need to help someone who has suffered a cardiac arrest.

Key Features

  • Easily switch from adult to child mode – no need to change pads
  • Ambient-noise detector measures background noise and adjusts voice instructions accordingly
  • Integrated pad storage means the unit is ready to go at a moment’s notice
  • CPR Detection – the defibrillator can detect when CPR is being performed
  • Visual indicator shows battery life, unit status and pad status
  • Internal memory stores the last 5 events/3 hours of data
  • Record event-data and transfer it with the built in SD Card and IrDA ports
  • A nominated defibrillator in the British Heart Foundation part-funding programme
  • Fully automatic function allows the unit to deliver the shock treatment
  • CU Medical Systems Unique Features

Ease of Use – An easy-to-use defibrillator helps anyone to save a victim’s life. The iPAD SP1’s preconnected pads fit both adults and children and clear verbal instructions coach you through the rescue process. The easier a user can get to grips with a defibrillator, the faster the user can administer medical treatment.

CPR Detection – Integrated CPR detection technology helps the novice AED user through the rescue process. Once you attach the electrode pads to the patient, the unit can detect any CPR compressions. It then prompts the user to ‘perform CPR’ when necessary or ‘continue CPR’ whilst it is being performed.


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